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Our prices are very competitive - but if you are in to editing,

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£36.00 for 200ft of 8mm or super 8 or 9.5mm.

It's the restoration treatment sets us apart,

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Have you any videotapes or film?

Before computers, digital cameras and the like, images were recorded onto film and videotape. For many reasons you may need to transfer these to a digital format. Where to start? It can seem bewildering, but here at Cardinal Broadcast we will know the answer and can transfer these to DVD and computer files using the best equipment and superb technical skills.
The older your home movies and videos are the more valuable they become.

The best way to watch your films of course is on the silver screen but it is true that digital formats do have advantages, not least, it is easy to make copies for your family.

This clip is from a damaged 8mm film that is more than half a century old. It looks fantastic doesn't it?

Your films could look this good too.

Many of our precious memories are to be found on video tape.

Although domestic formats were cheap to buy and use, I think we are now seeing the disadvantages such as poor image quality, and often the tape is unplayable.

Transferring these to DVD or a file that will play on a computer or smart TV is a good idea. Do you know where your tapes are and do you have a machine that will play them?


Do you recognise these?

I don't think anybody really knows how many different types of videocassette and recording formats there are. Fortunately, we can playback most of them!

Our machines are maintained in first-class order. We have all the electronic devices required to optimise the signal.

For domestic clients we have some great rates, for example, only £15.00 for a straight DVD copy, or £35.00 per hour for digitising. Media cost (hard drive or USB stick) is additional. With a digital copy you can do anything you want with your programme.
  • Cassettes

    All sorts of cassettes

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    Recognise any?

  • Slide Title

    Domestic and broadcast cassettes

  • Slide Title

    Some cassettes are high definition

Perhaps you have already discovered that tapes are fragile. Mould, and a condition called sticky tape syndrome can ruin your recording. We can give you some guidance and tell you what we do ourselves.
  • Just some of the machines

    Just some of the machines

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    Which button do I push?

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    Wiring matrix

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    Remember Betamax?

Cardinal Broadcast,
Pinewood Studios, SL0 0NH
01753 639210
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You are welcome to drop your tapes off, or with notice, we can do the transfer while you wait.

Would you like us to turn your film or video images into something really special? We have talented editors and realistic pricing.

We also hire out machines, cameras and sound equipment. Click here to go to our professional site. You will find lots of interesting information.


Top quality film to digital transfer is much harder to achieve than you might imagine. The key reason is that TV runs at 25 frames a second and film runs at, well it can be anything. The other major problem concerns the look of film. Adjusting the contrast, brightness and colour (often referred to as grading) is quite an art.

You will not want second-best.

This clip shows the difference between average and the exceptional.

We can capture all the highlights of the brilliant white wedding dress. The detail in the shadows can be carefully preserved. The sparkle in the eyes, now so clear - who wants to miss that?

With our technology we capture all the high definition detail, even from 8mm film. Using image stabilisation, dirt and scratch removal, and, followed by careful grading you get - well, see for yourself - a great transfer.
Even if your film is in poor condition you will be surprised at what we can achieve for you.
If you would like to know more about the technology we use click here for the professional site.
  • 9.5 mm

    we get get beautiful results from 9.5mm

  • t

    ...And even 8mm

  • We also scan 16mm

We handle 8mm, Super 8, 9.5mm and 16mm. This includes very damaged film with broken sprocket holes. Widescreen, B&W, colour, negative, and sound are all possible.

  • Before

  • After

  • Before

  • After

  • Before

  • After

Sample price:

200 feet of 8mm (about 16 minutes) for £80.00. Includes restoration editing. On average, allow another £80.00 for further editing, blu-ray and DVD production.
We are not the cheapest, but we are the best.
Film transfer prices:

16mm - 30p per foot. 9.5mm - 32p per foot. 8mm - 34p per foot. Audio additional 14p per foot, plus edit time to match audio and video files. Also add storage medium such as hard drive. Minimum charge £60.00. Delivery at cost.

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